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 holste18 staff application

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PostSubject: holste18 staff application   Fri Apr 01, 2011 2:27 pm

In-game name:
Forums name:
Timezone(GMT +/- ?):
GMT +5
Do you play when most of the staff are off?I play pretty much from 10am to 2 am eastern time Smile due to being sick so im on alot
Do you play over the night?
I play to about 2-3 am at night
Are you active on the chatbox:
Yes I am active on chatbox
Average of time you play a week:
im on about 12 hours a day or normal days. Some days I have appointments so it can be different some days. So id say about 60-70 hours
Are you active on the forums:
Yes I love forums. I code my own websites via html codeing.So i enjoy forums.
How long have you played X-scape:
Only about 2 days but Ill be on alot its great server
Do you have ANY coding experience:
Server codeing unfortinitly very little. Website codeing i do have more.
Why do you think you should be chosen for staff:
I think i should be chosen for staff because i am very helpful and active. Ive been staff countless number of times on other servers and think id be a big help to the server.
Anything else you would like us to know:
I am on all the time because of being sick.
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holste18 staff application
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